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Microsoft to Stop Supporting Windows XP Operating System April 8th

by Jon on April 7th, 2014

As of this writing Microsoft is going to officially stop supporting the popular Windows XP operating system starting tomorrow, April 8th. Although this will not prevent users computers from running it will however create a flood of hackers targeting these legacy machines. Since announcing lack of support for XP Microsoft has entered into contracts with enterprises and governments for continued support giving these organizations extra time to migrate away from the long favored operating system.



According to some studies Windows XP still accounts for more than 30% of the operating system market which comes out to over 500 million computers. The numbers are pretty astonishing considering that Windows XP is 12 years old. Now these 500 million users have a choice of migrating to a newer Microsoft product like 7 or 8.1, Apples Mac OS X or even a Linux variant. I can imagine this is going to create a large influx of users who take the opportunity to jump ship over to Apple products since everyone is so familiar with iPhones, iPad’s and Apple TV’s it makes it an easier transition.

Apple has a fantastic opportunity to capitalize with Microsoft abandoning so many users. I for one transitioned to Apple years ago while working for a tech startup company. The first use of OS X came with a high learning curve but it was very rewarding once you reach a mid level of proficiency providing a very stable environment and fast responding applications.

So if you are one of the aging Windows XP users out there I would recommend taking a long look at the products coming out of Cupertino.



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