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iPhone Free SIP Phone Clients for Asterisk PBX

by Jon on July 24th, 2012

I use SIP clients on my iPhone to make phone calls so I don’t have to use my mobile phone plan minutes. I reviewed a few free clients to see which worked the best.

free iphone sip client soft phone

1. Media5-fone

This is the best free phone I used with my Asterisk PBX, it has all the features a normal hard phone would have such as transfer, conference, and hold. The free version uses ad’s to support it but has most of the features the pro version has, without the g729 codec.

It works great over wifi I did not test it using 3G since it uses the ulaw codec in the free version I don’t imagine the call audio would be good over the phone data connection.

The soft phone software is very easy to use and allows access to the iPhone contact list to place calls. Transfer, conference and hold are also very easy to use as they are almost identical to the iPhone interface, but some of these features are only available on the paid version.

I am still using this phone on my iPhone since it works so well and I might pay for the pro version to make 3G calls with the g729 codec.

2. Fring

The Fring SIP client is pretty good because it offers all the premium features on the free version of the app. The app is able to connect to many VOIP providers but also works as a generic SIP client to register with an Asterisk or FreeSWITCH server.

fring free iphone sip phone clientThe app is a little clunky and slow but since it has a lot of features and is free it’s hard to complain too much. This app also has access to the iPhone phonebook which makes it easy to call your friends without memorizing their phone numbers.

I tried this phone for a while but didn’t like it enough to continue using it but if you need some features that are not available on the free version of Media5-fone this is a good alternative.

3. 3CXPhone

This free SIP iPhone client is also not very smooth, there are some rough edges and it runs a little slow. I found this phone was a little more difficult to use compared to the others. This sip client uses a custom interface that is not like the iPhone dialing interface.

I had some technical issues with the phone which included codec negotiation and dtmf tones. I was trying to get the GSM codec to work on this client but it didn’t cooperate so I just used ulaw. Then I tried testing the dtmf digits and found the other end did not respond after entering a digit into the keypad.

I also tested making a transfer with this phone since it is an included feature but due to the custom interface it was confusing and made it a challenge to get a successful transfer. After many tries I was able to get it working but if the gui was more intuitive it would be a lot easier.3CXPhone Free iPhone SIP Client Soft Phone

My recommendation for a free iPhone SIP client is Media5-fone, even despite some of its short comings with the free version it was far easier to use and much more reliable than the other phones tested.

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