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Tutorial: Merge Audiobook MP3 Files into Single File for iPod or iPhone for Free

by Jon on July 11th, 2012

If you have audiobook CD’s with mp3’s on them you know it is difficult to listen to them on your iPhone since there are so many tracks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the tracks merged into a single mp3 to store on your ipod? This is a quick and easy way to do it with ubuntu.

First install mp3wrap

sudo apt-get install mp3wrap

Then copy all the mp3 files into a folder, I created a folder named mp3folder. Once that is done do the following command to merge the first 2 audio files.

mp3wrap fullbook.mp3 mp3folder/01.mp3 mp3folder/02.mp3

This will create the file fullbook_MP3WRAP.mp3

Now create a script file to do the rest of the files, be sure to delete the first 2 files so those are not added again. Copy and paste the following script.

rm mp3folder/01.mp3
rm mp3folder/02.mp3




for f in $FILES
mp3wrap -a fullbook_MP3WARP.mp3 $f
echo -en "\n\b"

echo "DONE!"

Run the script and have a single mp3 file for your iphone. See the screenshot below.

ubuntu merge mp3 files audiobook free iphone linux mp3wrap

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