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Installing Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 No Partitions Showing Up Remove RAID Data

by Jon on June 6th, 2012

I am trying out the new version of Ubuntu desktop on my workstation and during the install process I had a problem with the installer not able to create any partitions. It turns out the hard drive I was using came from a Dell server that was in a hardware RAID which caused the issue. If you are having the same problem try doing what I did to remove the RAID information.

To fix the problem with a hard drive with RAID information on it boot into the live cd and open up a terminal window from the dash.

Once you have a terminal window use the following commands to remove all evidence of a raid from the hard drive.

sudo dmraid -E -r /dev/sda
sudo wipefs /dev/sda -a

These 2 commands will remove any trace of a hardware or software raid on the hard drive. Below are screenshots of the issue I was having.

When I was doing the install I got to this screen and could not proceed any further. The installer simply would not see any of the partitions on the hard drive.


ubuntu desktop 12.04 installer not seeing any partitions on raid hard drive

I even started the live OS and used GParted to manually create the partitions, still I would get stuck at the same screen above. Also if you are looking for how to manually partition your hard drive for linux below is a good templet to follow.

ubuntu manual partition table install 12.04 gparted


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  1. Alejandro H permalink


    I have the same problemn with a Lap Dell Inspiron Ultrabook 14″

    Any suggestion wil be appreciate


    • You can try the same steps to clear out any previous partitions.

  2. Hugh Martin permalink

    The same problem had me stuck for a week. Your solution was the answer, and both steps were required before Ubuntu 12.10 would install. Both 11.10 and 12.10 displayed the blank partitions page. I created the partitions manually in advance, so I knew they were there, and GParted saw them with no difficulty. I also already had Windows 7 successfully installed for a dual-boot setup. Note that Ubuntu 8.04 installed without any problem (but it didn’t recognize my wireless adapter like the newer versions). Evidently 8.04 doesn’t care about the RAID information on the drive, but 11 and 12 do. The hard drive was unformatted when I got it, but evidently was a pull from a RAID array (which I didn’t know).

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