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How To: Remote CentOS Install Using VNC Over Internet

by Jon on April 14th, 2012

Having someone install a linux operating system for you is pretty tough if you try to walk them through it. Lucky there is an easy way so you can do the install from anywhere, you just need a person at one end to do a couple of steps. Here is a quick guide on how to get the remote install over vnc working.

1. First you will need a CentOS ISO to boot the computer, I was using CentOS 5.

2. Once the computer has booted to the install start-up screen you will type in what you would like to do instead of just pressing enter. This is the key part to telling the system to boot to a vnc install. Type in the following command.

linux vnc vncconnect=

Where the ip address is a machine you are running a VNC listening server. I used a rackspace cloud Windows server and installed RealVNC to control the install. If you are going to do that just make sure to disable the firewall of the cloud server.

CentOS Remote VNC Install Configuration

3. The next step is selecting the network configuration for the computer being installed, once it has network connectivity it will establish the VNC connection so the remote user will be able to install the OS.

4. On the other end where the VNC listening server is, the screen will pop up with the remote install screen.

Remote VNC CentOS Install Linux

5. Now the rest is easy, just click through the install just like you were sitting in front of the computer. See the screenshots below.

CentOS Remote VNC Install Network Configuration

Remote VNC Install Linux CentOS Select Package

Linux Remote VNC Install for CentOS Complete

The install is now complete, just select reboot and the newly installed linux computer will have SSH access.

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  1. Dustin permalink

    I had done this before. I created a disk that does this automatically. It’s pretty cool.

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