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Managing Social Media and Social Networks with Dashboards or Marketing Software

by Jon on February 23rd, 2012

If you are like me and are the webmaster for various websites then ultimately you have many social network profiles to manage. With so many social networks out there and each with their individual niche it is important to promote your website on them but is a daunting task to keep them all straight. In the past when I was just using facebook and twitter, was able to offer a single posting portal allowing status updates, and tweets at the same time. Now with google plus, linkedin, pinterest, foursquare, and the many other popular social media sites it is hard to update each of them one at a time. I done a lot of research on the subject to find out what services or dashboards are out there. Here is a quick summary of the ones that are worth looking at.

social media marketing publishing1. HootSuite (
Price: Free or $6 per month
The HootSuite service integrates with many of the popular social networks including linkedin, facebook, twitter, foursquare, and wordpress to name a few. This makes it easy to post out to multiple places all at once. There is also built-in analytic to show you the reach of your posting. Another great feature is the post scheduler to be able to send out anything when your readers are most likely to read it.

social media marketing publishing2. Seesmic (
Price: Free, currently in beta
Seesmic is a really great tool which will allow posting to any network from any device, so for example if you are at the beach and want to tweet a picture just load up the Seesmic iphone, blackberry or android app. There are already apps out there that do this but I would recommend at least checking this one out, and since it is free why not.

social media marketing management3. Nimble (
Price: Free or $15 per month
I haven’t actually used this app yet but I plan on trying the free version since it allows to cultivate your social media leads into a CRM. This could be a very useful tool where you are generating sales leads from your site. It allows for easy interaction with most major social networks and archives the data.

social media marketing managment4. SproutSocial (
Price: $9 to $899 per month
With SproutSocial you will get a bit of everything, monitoring, publishing, analytic, and location based reporting. It is an excellent tool for small and large operations, but don’t expect it to do everything, there are still some features you will need out of other tools. The location based module is a great feature and helps when promoting a local business.

social media marketing dashboard5. MediaFunnel (
Price: Free or $1 per user/network per month
Mediafunnel has a great pricing structure for the paid version it is $1 per month for each network profile you add, so it is possible to add all of your profiles into MediaFunnel and publish from a single dashboard. Although the feature list is very similar to the others it has simplicity going for it to get in publish and get out. It will also do twitter brand management where it will monitor for keywords and direct messages.

social media marketing dashboard6. NutshellMail (
Price: Free
NutshellMail is a ConstantContact product which is a mailing list management and publishing product. NutshellMail integrates linkedin, facebook, yelp, twitter, foursquare, citysearch and youtube to help centralize your publishing. This will also offer some reporting and analytics with the publishing aspect of the product. Best of all it is free so go ahead and try it out, no reason not to.

social media marketing dashboard7. Crowdbooster (
Price: Free to $99 per month
Crowdbooster is a great product to measure your twitter and facebook content. It shows the growth of your online community and reports on what content has registered clicks. This is a popular service used by many major companies such as JetBlue and Ben & Jerry’s.

social media marketing publishing8. Onlywire (
Price: $10 to $99 per month
Onlywire has some similarities to other sites where it is able to schedule submissions and publish to multiple networks. What is unique to Onlywire is how many social networks it is able to publish to, it has a list of 45 compatible social media sites. Onlywire also has a wordpress plugin to install on your blog to help manage sharing content. If you are looking for a single portal to publish from Onlywire is your solution.

So here are many different tools to help you manage your social networks, unfortunately there is not a single one that will be able to replace everything you are doing it will need using at least a couple of them to get the reporting, analytics, and publishing functions required by webmasters.

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