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Logitech HDTV Video Conferencing at Home or Office for $250 with GoogleTV Revue

by Jon on September 13th, 2011

Logitech Revue Video ConfrencingI recently got my hands on a Logitech Revue which uses the GoogleTV platform. I got Revue to test the video conferencing in a corporate environment. Much to my surprise Logitech did an outstanding job with this product and the video conferencing quality was prefect. I wouldn’t recommend it for very large conference rooms but a room with an 8 to 10 foot table it will work great.

The microphone might not work for that size room but in that case just setup a phone bridge with a free conference call provider and put the TV on mute. If you are doing a one on one then the microphone will be able to handle it no problem.

The video quality will go up to 720p since that is what the camera is capable of, which displays very clear on a HDTV. It even seems to get a wide enough picture to fit in the width of most rooms. Of course the video can be a little choppy depending on the internet connection, for best quality it is recommended to have at least a 1 Mbps upload speed on your connection to the outside world. From my tests I found that a 768k upload speed worked to give good enough quality for seeing each side of the cameras.

Logitech Revue VideoI think this product could really be device that can deliver video conferencing to the masses at home, considering Cisco recently released a home conferencing unit that costs over $500 and requires a yearly service fee of $99. With Logitech there are no subscription fees, all calls are completely free and can talk to Mac and PC clients.

I think Logitech did a great job with this product and after the recent price slash I can only see this getting more and more popular. So get over to BestBuy soon before these are all sold out.

Logitech Revue $99

Logitech Camera 720p $149

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