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5 Reasons to try Headway WordPress Theme Framework

by Jon on August 9th, 2011

Headway — The Drag & Drop Theme For WordPress

I couple of weeks ago I decided to start a new website and this time I didn’t want to pay a website designer hundreds of dollars to come up with a simple website that took no longer than 8 hours of work. So I started looking around for an easy to use framework for a cms, content management system. In my research I found that WordPress is a highly regarded cms for blogs, websites, and pretty much anything that is website related. Since WordPress was so highly recommended and I am already very familiar with it I started looking for a WordPress theme framework.

It didn’t take long to find some good options for a WordPress theme framework, there are literally hundreds of theme frameworks some of which are open source, others with a one time charge, and some that are a monthly service. I looked at a few of the free offerings and decided that they were not what I needed when it comes to ease of use. I wanted to find a framework that was highly customizable so my website didn’t look like every other WordPress site out there, but was easy enough to not need a manual when making simple changes and included support for advanced features if I needed help.

I read review after review and I decided that Headway drag and drop Theme Framework was a good place to start, and since it had a money back guarantee it was worth a try. Headway has 2 pricing options one for personal use $87 and the other for developers $164. The personal licence is always upgradeable to a developer licence for only $77. Both of these licences options are for lifetime support and updates.

1. Headway’s visual editor is such a great tool that very few other theme’s offer, it did take some getting used to but after the learning phase it made making small changes so easy. After being able to use a visual editor I don’t think I could go back to a framework without one, everything is drag and drop right where you want it.

2. Headway easy hooks make adding custom code anywhere on the page as easy as copy and paste. Just go to the easy hooks menu, select where you want to add your javascript, php or html and paste, save and refresh your page. This is a fantastic feature and it saves so much time so you don’t have to go into the backend code and read line by line trying to figure out where you need to place your code.

3. Doing custom CSS is easy with the Headway documentation, they have all the code on the website to help make any custom CSS changes really easy. If you have any problems a forum post usually gets a response in a few hours and will help you solve your problem.

4. Creating a navigation bar is so simple it even uses the built-in menu editor for WordPress making it simple to create sub menus. This was my first time creating a menu in WordPress and I had to ask in the forum but once I got a few pointers I was making menus like a pro.

5. Built in SEO settings to help get your site to the top of google searches. This is good for anyone since it does not need changes from the user, the default configuration is good enough to get the site in google’s radar. If you know what you are doing then you can tweak settings just the way you like them or if you want to read up on SEO Headway provides a whole section dedicated to it in the documentation.

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  1. merry permalink

    you didn’t mention any negatives. a review should also include drawbacks cuz nothing’s perfect.

    one drawback i see is that there is no money back guarantee.

    i don’t know where you get your information. it clearly says refunds are not offered. it’s number 11 on the faq.

    • The title of the post states “5 Reasons to try Headway WordPress Theme” so it was not a dedicated review of the wordpress theme. There are some drawbacks to Headway but I wanted to point out 5 reasons why I think Headway is a great wordpress theme.

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