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Book Review: Zenoss 3 Core Network and System Monitoring

by Jon on July 20th, 2011

System monitoring is a hot topic if you are trying to deliver a stable environment for your users or clients. There are many options out there that are capable of letting administrators know when a system is down or at risk, some have free versions but most come with a very hefty price tag. Now there is a new name in the ring and this one comes from the open source community so there is a completely free version for all to use, Zenoss Core a robust community driven snmp monitoring application. I just finished reading the new technical book on the latest version of Zenoss Core put out by Packetpub to see how well it does to get you running your own Zenoss Core server.

To follow along with the book Zenoss offers a downloadable VMware appliance with the application already installed and it is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. I downloaded the OS X appliance so I could have a sandbox to play with while reading the book, I would highly recommend this so you are able to get used to the user interface.

If you are thinking about installing Zenoss or already using it, this book is a must have to bridge the gap in documentation. I found the book had all the information I needed to help get my environment up and running and it was easy to follow. There are also more advanced topics covered such as ZenPack add ons. ZenPacks are one of Zenoss’s most exciting feature, they are community derived and shared through the Zenoss website. You will find thousands of ZenPacks which are completely customized to monitor very specific devices, a couple of examples would be apache web servers, asterisk voip servers, and pretty much any server-based application or device else you can think of. Users create ZenPacks then upload to share with the community, this is a great use of the open source community to help us all make sure our servers have the highest uptime possible.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a snmp application since Zenoss Core is open source and has the best price tag of all, free. Before starting to look at expensive snmp systems do yourself a favor and read this book to see how well Zenoss does with monitoring servers.

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