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The Internet is Running Out of Addresses

by Jon on February 2nd, 2011

This has been a long time coming but the day is finally here. Thursday IANA will be distributing the 5 final remaining IP version 4 blocks during a ceremony in Miami, FL. This is not the end of the Internet as we know it but that will be just around the corner. Looks like the migration to IPv6 will be coming sooner than I had imagined.

What does this mean to you, well if you are only an Internet user and don’t host any Internet servers then this will not affect you. If you do have your own Internet servers that you manage and host then at some point over the next year there will be some work involved in migrating your equipment to an IPv6 ip address. The current ip addresses in the form of is 32 bit which only allows for 4.3 billion addresses the new version 6 will allow for an almost unlimited amount as we know today, 2128.

This migration will also allow for new features that IPv6 has included in its spec. Well so long IPv4 I am going to miss ip addresses that can be remembered from memory.

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