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How To: Hack into Unsecured Facebook, Gmail, Twitter Accounts Tutorial

by Jon on January 27th, 2011

This post does not promote hacking I am simply showing you the risks of using unsecured connections to make sure you don’t become a victim. There is a firefox extension named firesheep that will scan your local network for any user not using a secure connection to Facebook, Gmail and Twitter as well as other online services. This program was created to show the security risks when using an unsecured path, this is especially important when on a public Wi-Fi access point where there could be many snoops and hackers sharing the connection with you. Below are instructions on how to install the extension but the rest is up to you!

Download Firesheep 1. First thing first you need to download the extension, to get it follow this link for version 0.1.1 the latest available at the time of this post. Firesheep Download 0.1.1

Save Firesheep to your Local Computer 2. Save the file to your local computer.

Run the Firesheep Extension 3. Double click on the extension which will then ask you what program to open it with, make sure to choose firefox.

Install Firesheep Extension for Firefox 4. Next the Firefox addon screen will pop up asking if you will allow the extension to be installed, wait for the countdown to finish then click the Install Now button.

Enable Firesheep Extension in Firefox 5. Now Firefox will ask you to restart allow it to do so and save any open tabs if you would like. When Firefox opens up again the extension will be installed so it is just a matter of enabling the tool. To do that click on the view menu then sidebar sub menu and in there will be an option for Firesheep click on that to enable it.

Firesheep Start Capturing6. Your all done, now you can check your local network for users not using a secured connection and let them know they are at risk. Just click the start capturing button and unsecured sessions will start popping up below the button.


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