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How To: Install Asterisk 1.6.2.x with Dahdi on CentOS 5.5 Cloud Server (Slicehost or Rackspace) Tutorial

by Jon on December 4th, 2010

I recently built an asterisk test machine on a rackspace cloud server to see if it would work and how well it works. I haven’t concluded my testing but up to now it seems to be working as if it were installed on a dedicated server. I am actually really impressed with the way the cloud servers work, it is so easy to add a new server to your inventory and then you can use it for whatever you want. The problem with running in a xen cloud environment is zaptel dummy and dahdi dummy will not work, this has something to do with the way the hardware is visualized. This in turn can cause problems with meetme and therefore I cannot say for sure how well asterisk will work on a slicehost and rackspace cloud server, or any other voip application for that matter since voip relies on hardware timers. With this tutorial at least you will be able to install asterisk and see how it works for your application in a cloud enviroment, please be sure to post comments if you do use this and how well it works. Note this will only work for kernel version, if you have a different kernel you need to adjust this install.

Also if you would like to see how to download and install the kernal souce for the rackspace or slicehost cloud server visit the following link which you can also find on the right under links.

yum -y upgrade
yum install -y gcc.x86_64 gcc-c++.x86_64 kernel-devel.x86_64 bison.x86_64 openssl-devel.x86_64 libtermcap-devel.x86_64 ncurses-devel.x86_64 doxygen.x86_64 curl-devel.x86_64 newt-devel.x86_64 mlocate.x86_64 lynx.x86_64 tar.x86_64 wget.x86_64 nmap.x86_64 bzip2.x86_64 mod_ssl.x86_64 crontabs.x86_64 vixie-cron.x86_64 speex.x86_64 speex-devel.x86_64 unixODBC.x86_64 unixODBC-devel.x86_64 libtool-ltdl.x86_64 libtool-ltdl-devel.x86_64 mysql-connector-odbc.x86_64 mysql.x86_64 mysql-devel.x86_64 mysql-server.x86_64 php-mysql.x86_64 php-mbstring.x86_64 hp-mcrypt.x86_64 flex.x86_64 screen.x86_64 libxml2-devel  libidn-devel krb5-devel krb5-libs zlib-devel libidn-devel
cd /usr/src/
tar zxf asterisk-1.6.2*
tar zxf asterisk-addons-
tar zxf libpri-
tar zxf dahdi-linux-complete-2.4.0+2.4.0.tar.gz
mkdir /usr/src/kernels/
tar zxf -C /usr/src/kernels/
cd /usr/src/kernels/
zcat /proc/config.gz > .config
make oldconfig && make modules_prepare
cd /usr/src/dahdi-linux-complete-2.4.0+2.4.0
KSRC=/usr/src/kernels/ make
KSRC=/usr/src/kernels/ make install
cd /usr/src/libpri-
make install
cd /usr/src/asterisk-1.6*/
make install
make samples
cd /usr/src/asterisk-addons*/
make install

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  1. Fantastic. Great write-up. Took me forever to find the Rackspace cloud kernel source files. Thanks!

    • My pleasure glad I could help, it took me a long time to get that information too.

  2. Cool, I know we have several users who have cracked the Asterisk riddle at Slicehost, but this is the latest writeup with a usable explanation on how to get it done. Just out of curiosity who are you using for your dial tone provider? I prefer CallWithUs and I think a lot of our customers who are international would too. Keep us posted. Cheers.

  3. KVAD permalink

    The link for asterisk-addons is no longer available.

    Using the following link works as well.

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