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Building Dynamic Websites with Ruby on Rails Book Review

by Jon on November 3rd, 2010

If you are trying to get some experience and learn how to program with Ruby on Rails “Building Dynamic Websites with Ruby on Rails” is the perfect starting point. The author gives you step-by-step examples and clearly explains how to use the classes, modules, or other code blocks. This is a great starting point for someone who is new to object orientated programming or even the experience programmer looking to challenge his or her programing skills by learning Ruby.

The first few chapters of the book go over the basics of programing with Ruby by creating classes, modules, arrays as well as many other objects and data types. Also within those chapters is the installation and configuration of Ruby, Gems, and Apache, this is very helpful for a new programmer who does not have experience building a development environment.

Here is where the book starts to advance your knowledge of application development with Ruby on Rails by starting a sample application that manages users, database schema and database content. If you are new to MySQL this book will also help with the creation of a mysql database, tables, primary keys and inserting data into the database. If you are an experienced programmer there is also plenty for you to learn as well with the development of views, templates, and scaffold.

In chapter 8 the book gets into the good stuff by showing examples of integrating Ajax with RoR, if you aren’t familiar with Ajax it is a programing language that enhances the user experience of your application. Ajax provides asynchronous communication with your web application, which allows for a more responsive interface versus traditional synchronous web pages. This means the user is in constant communication with the database or other end of the web application and does not wait for the user to click a button or refresh the page. This gives programmers tools to be able to interact with a user like never before for searching and editing records.

Overall the book is very helpful for anyone interested in learning RoR, by following the book through the chapters you will create a sample application showing you what steps to take when building your own app. The book is very detailed when going into more advanced topics such as Ajax where it describes reasons for using Ajax and how to implement it. Using this book as a guide will give anyone the ability to create a completely custom RoR application.

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