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How To: Install Livezilla Chat Server on Shared Hosting

by Jon on September 19th, 2010

Recently I worked on adding a live chat application to a website, after a lot of research and trial and error I found Livezilla a free open source chat program that integrates into websites. This is a feature rich chat program with only Windows clients but the control panel is quite impressive for a piece of free software. This has all the features of LivePerson without the expensive price tag. The tutorial was pretty long so I put it in pdf format so it would be easier for people to print and read. It is filled with screen shots to help with the install. This application should work with most linux shared hosting accounts since it does not require any special ports to be opened or access to the database from remote locations. All the database transactions are done through the local php pages that are uploaded to the webserver so using “localhost” as the database connection will work perfectly.

Download the pdf below.

How to install Livezilla

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