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Add IP Authentication to Orange HRM Website

by Jon on December 16th, 2009

The company I work for has multiple locations and they are not all interconnected though vpn’s or mpls trunks so we had to find a way to make sure employees could not login to Orange HRM from home and clock in. In order to do this I decided to do ip address checking making sure the user was accessing the page from an approved ip address. This was a little tricky but it works great so I created a script that will do the same for you without any coding.

This script is really easy to use all you will need is the database hostname, username, password and database name. Once you have all this info drop the ipauth directory into the Orang HRM directory on your web server and open up index.php this will guide you through the setup. As of now I haven’t created a web page to enter in ip addresses but I am just using phpmyadmin until I do.

Download here:

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  1. Joseph permalink


    Will this still work with the latest version of orangehrm?

    Thank you for coding this.

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