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Help Desk Trouble Ticket System osTicket Install Shared Hosting

by Jon on December 15th, 2009

I just installed osTicket for a help desk to keep track of support issues to make sure they are resolved. I looked at many different trouble ticket systems and found this one to be the most user friendly for users submitting tickets. It makes it really easy because you can simply supply users with an email address to send trouble tickets to that way there is no need for another webpage with a new user name and password to remember.

osticket1I did the install on a shared linux hosting server using Fantastico which makes the install as simple as 2 clicks of the mouse. I decided to install it into the sub directory support so it was not in the main root page. Then just select a user name and password for the admin with an email address then click next and finish now your done.

Fantastico makes the install very easy now comes the hard part configuring the application to work through email. There are a lot of settings to get everything working thorough email addresses so just follow these steps. This guide assumes you are using cpanel on your linux shared hosting.

First thing to do is login to they system at this is where admin and the help desk staff will login. Enter your admin user name and password you just created when installing the site to login. Once logged in click on Admin Panel at the top right side of the page. Then click on the settings tab, this is where the majority of the settings for the website are. In here just go through and setup the basics the settings I want you to change are Outgoing Emails. This should be set to the default email that is in there for right now, we will change the email address after saving that setting.

osticket2Now in here this email address needs to be setup for POP and SMTP so the system is reliable. First enter in the correct email address you want to use for the support system, then go and enter in the username and password for that email account. Next you need to enable the mail account enter in the hostname for your mail server as well as the port and protocol to use, these are all settings you will get from your hosting account provider. The next couple of fields are not going to be used but make sure you check off delete fetched messages so you don’t have to worry about duplicate tickets. Now just fill in the SMTP settings which your hosting account will provide for you and click submit.

Now is the final tricky part and then its all setup to use the email account for all trouble ticket correspondence. Log into your cpanel account and look on the left side where your stats are listed. Look for the home directory and write that down. Next scroll down to the bottom where you see the advanced section in there look for cron jobs and click on it. Then you will be asked if you want standard or advanced, click on advanced. Now you will be looking at a screen with manyosticket3 text boxes. What we want to setup in here is a cron job that will run every minute to check the email account for any new emails and create a ticket. Here is the format, the first 5 boxes should all have * in them to make the command run every minute. Next the command box is going to start with php then the location of the cron.php script for the osTicket site. The script will be located in the home directory you wrote down before then most likly /www/subdirectory/api/cron.php.

Now that should be it, as long as your hosting account allows for cron jobs to run every minute this should be ready to test. The last step here is the most important since this is how you enable the application to receive the emails and convert then into trouble tickets. There is a way to do this without the cron job but then it will not grab emails unless a staff member is logged in at all times, which I found to be a problem for users since they wanted the instant gratification of the auto responder.

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  1. For reasons uknown only half from the post is being displayed, is it my browser or the site?

  2. For which version of osTicket are you explaining this?

    I am using the latest version of osTicket and want to connect it with my Google App email a/c. I have enabled the pop and imap and nothing seems to be working yet.

    And there are many people who have already reported this in osTicket forum and no proper reply has been provided for this yet.

    Can you help me with this?

  3. I really learned a lot. I appreciate the effort put into this site and will visit here more often. Thank You!

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