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Install Orange HRM on Shared Linux Hosting

by Jon on December 7th, 2009

I recently installed Orange HRM, human resources management, web application on shared hosting and it was very easy. Here are the steps to do the install.

1. Download the zip or tar file from here, whichever you prefer.
2. Once you downloaded the whole file extract it to your desktop or somewhere easy to access.
3. Now you should have a folder named orangehrm-2.x.x, rename the folder to orangehrm2 to make it easy.
4. The next step is to upload the folder to your shared hosting somewhere so it can be easily acessed for example,
5. Now that is uploaded login to the cpanel to your hosting account and click on MySQL Databases, see image below.
6. In there you will have the option to create a new database, you can make the database name whatever you wish, lets name it orangehrm.
7. Now you will need to create a user for the database, I am going to make mine orange with a random password.
8. Now that you have a username it must be added to the database which is easy to do just select the user orange and the database orangehrm. Now you might notice the database name has xxxx_orangehrm, where xxxx is your username this is common with shared hosting for unique database names, don’t worry about it just make note of the full name.
9. Now it is time to go through the Orange HRM install wizard. Go to the following url,
10. This wizard will guide you through the installation of the database and website. The first step is the welcome screen where you just click next.
11. Step 2 is the licence agreement which you will agree to and move on to where we start the install.
12. Now we get to the system check where the application is going to make sure your server has the proper software installed. Most shared hosting will have all of these requirements met without having to install anything extra. As long as everything is good click next.
13. This step is the database creation where we will use the following information.
14. The next step will ask you to create an admin username and password.
15. Now you will just need to confirm the installation details and click next.
16. This is the last step where the wizard will go through and install the database and website.
17. Once that is all finished you will be able to go to the website and login with the admin username and password you created.

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  1. Nice post. You can go to

  2. Nice post. You can go to

  3. I really learned a lot. I appreciate the effort put into this site and will visit here more often. Thank You!

  4. Yves permalink

    Thanks a lot !! i was so stocked but your post helped me !

  5. Dendy permalink

    I would like to install OrangeHRM thru Softaculous in my cpanel.
    The OrangeHRM itself is version 2.7.1
    When I try to install then there’s error message appearing which is The PHP Version is less than the required 5.3+
    What should I do ?

  6. stuck on //orangehrm-3.2/symfony/web/index.php/auth/login
    blank page

    anyone know what’s happen it is ?

  7. Aravinda Krishnan permalink

    Really useful post. I followed it to the dot and it just worked like that! Thanks a ton!!!

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