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Free Disk Space Usage on Untangle Network Security

by Jon on December 4th, 2009

I use the Untangle network security software at office locations and recently noticed that a 40 Gig disk is not enough to run this application since I had a machine with a 40 Gig disk using 98% of it. I first looked at the log files in /var/log but there was not much in here that took up much space. So after some research on forums I was able to figure out the steps needed to free up a good chunk of disk space.

I used the command: “du –max-depth=1 / -h” to determine which directory has the largest files. What I found after doing this was the directory /var/lib/postgresql/8.3/main/base was around 30 Gig. This is where the database stores its files so I had to find a way to clean out the database. I found out that all the events of Untangle are stored in the database so I decided to delete those tables which should free up a lot of space here is the procedure to do that.

1.    Login to the untangle box over ssh or in the console.
2.    Apt-get clean
3.    invoke-rc.d untangle-vm stop (this is going to stop all network activity from going to the interent or back so make sure you do this off hours)
4.    psql -U postgres uvm
5.    drop schema events cascade;
6.    \q
7.    invoke-rc.d untangle-vm start

Now that did it for me and freeded up 12 Gig of disk space just use the df –h command to see how much disk space is used.

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