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Adjust Clock Time on a BMW E46

by Jon on November 4th, 2009

Well its daylight savings time again and I had to adjust the time on a friends BMW so I though it would be helpful to share the process. I did this on a 3 series BMW so this should work for any E46 3 series between 1999-2006.

1. Turn ignition on so all the gauge lights come on or just start the car.

2. Use the dash display selector button on the turn signal stock to make the time show up under the odometer.

3. Once you can see the clock under the odometer use the rubber knob in between the speedometer and water temperature gauge to set the time. This knob turns left and right to go up and down with the time. If you press the knob it will change from 12H to 24H mode and vice versa.

4. Now just turn the knob until you get to the time you want.

Now that’s it just turn the ignition off and the clock will be set to whatever time you set.

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  3. Sweet, that’s exactly what I was looking for! This might be it for my next car

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