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How To: Reset Lost Ubuntu Server Root Password

by Jon on October 23rd, 2009

Well I forgot a password to one of my Ubuntu servers today so I had to figure out how to reset the password. I had physical access to the system so it was pretty easy you just need a Ubuntu server CD and about 3 minutes.

1.  Put the Ubuntu CD into the systems optical drive and boot off of it.

2. When you get to the main menu make your language selection and then choose “Rescue a Broken System”

3. This will look just like the Ubuntu installer, don’t worry just go through and choose your keyboard settings, network settings, etc.

4. Once you get to the main menu where you will have an option to “Start a Terminal on /dev/sda1” select it.

5. This will give you access to the command terminal where you can issue the command: passwd which will reset your root password.

6. Once you reset your password type exit to leave the terminal and select the reboot option in the menu.

All done just wait for the system to restart and you can login with the new password you just set.

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  1. You’re a life saver! Great advice, thanks so much.

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