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Transfer your free MS Office Live domain to

by Jon on October 21st, 2009

Update 01/19/2015: I was contacted by MelbourneIT via email requesting me to remove my links as seen in the note below. I have gone ahead and removed the href from the link in this post. I hope this does not prevent anyone from moving their domain name in the future. :)


We recently reviewed all the links pointing to the MelbourneIT website, and found that you currently have link/s to us on your website,

While we appreciate your support, our online marketing team has requested that the links listed below be removed if possible, as they no longer comply with the guidelines set out by the various search

The page/s of your website that we found links on are:

We appreciate your time in reviewing this. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems locating the links.

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Okay I just did this last week and transferred my domain to because they are one of the less expensive registrars out there these days. Here are the steps I went through to transfer my domain from start to finish.

1.      Go to and click on Sign in on the top right hand of the page.

2.      Enter your Windows Live ID (email ID) and password.

3.      Click on “More” and “Domain Manager”.

4.      On Domain Manager, click on the link which states that “Learn about saving your information”.

5.      After that, you will refer to a new site where you can gather the DRK on the right hand side of “Note”.

Upon cancellation you will no longer have access to email accounts created through your Microsoft Office Live account.

Once you have the DRK, please follow the steps mentioned below to cancel your account from your end:

1.      Go to

2.      Sign into your Microsoft Office Live account using your Windows Live ID and your password.

3.      On the Microsoft Office Live Small Business Home page, at the top, click More, and then select Account Management from the drop down menu.

4.      Now click on Cancel your account and follow the procedure to cancel your account.

Once you will get the DRK after canceling your account, please follow the below mentioned steps to unlock the domain from Melbourne IT and transfer your domain to another service provider.

1.       Go to

2.       Enter your domain name and registry key and click on continue.

3.       Click on ‘create a new account’ below the text box where you are prompted for My account password. Fill in all the information needed and create your account.

4.       After filling up all the information, check the box that says I have read and understood the Sign Up Terms and Conditions. I agree to abide by the terms and conditions, as stated there in.

5.       Click Create.  Now your account is created.

6.       On the My Account Console page, click Logout on the right side of the page.

7.       Now you will be redirected to the Melbourne IT web site.

8.       Click Manage Domain Name on the right side of the page.

9.       Type your domain and registry key.

10.     Click Enter Management.

11.     Click Transfer management to Melbourne IT.

12.     Sign in using the username and password for your Melbourne IT account using the username and password, which you created for your Melbourne IT account.

13.     Click Continue after you have verified all the information on the page.

14.     Click on My Account console.

15.     Click on the link “View/Manage domain name” under the Domain Names.

16.     Click on your domain name (customer domain name) under the Domain Name section.

17.     Click on the Unlock Domain Name.

18.     To change name server, click on Change Delegation Details under Name Server Details on the right side of the page. Here, you can change the domain name server settings for your new service provider.

19.     To obtain new authorization code in order to transfer your domain, click Retrieve Domain Name (authinfo) Password (on the same page on point 17).

Okay now you will have the domain in your Melbourne IT account and from here it is easy to transfer to any domain registrar you would like to use. I like because they are one of the less expensive registrars and offer quality service and support.

To transfer to use the following steps.

1.    Create an account at

2.    Mouse over the Transfer Your Domain tab, then click on Transfer Your Domains to

3.    Enter in the domain you want to transfer.

4.    The next page will confirm the domain name you typed in and if it is available to transfer, review and click Add to Cart.

5.    Change the number of years you wish to extend the domain registration and click on Checkout.

Now that you have purchased the transfer from you will need to login to your Melbourne IT account to unlock the domain to transfer it.

1.    Login to your Melbourne IT account you created earlier.

2.    Click on Manage Domain Names

3.    First make sure the domain is not already unlocked, look to the right column at Lock Status and make sure the domain you want to transfer is Locked, if it does not skip the next step.

4.    Check off the domain you are transferring and select the Lock/Unlock radio button above then click Go. This will unlock your domain and allow transferring it.

5.    Now that the domain is unlocked you will need the (authinfo) code for to transfer the domain. This is a password that will prevent just anyone transferring your domain.

6.    To get the (authinfo) code just click on your domain name and it will be visible in the Overview of the domain. Copy it and lets login to your account.

Now you need to login to your name cheap account and get to the main My Account section.

1.    Once logged go to My Account and click on Manage Domain Transfers.

2.    In here you will see your domain click on it.

3.    It should be asking you for an EPP code that is your (authinfo) code that we just copied from Melbourne IT, just paste it in there and submit.

Now it is just a waiting game, you will get a bunch of emails with status updates and a couple you will have to confirm you are making a transfer, just click on the links its self explanatory. My domain to about 4 business days to transfer, if you have any problems contact, Melbourne IT or MS Office Live. Use this guide at your own risk I was able to transfer my domain this way but yours might not work, for best results contact MS Office Live. I also used the following article

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