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Archive Important Email’s into your Evernote Account via BCC

by Jon on August 17th, 2013


Evernote is a fantastic app that has many uses, one of its abilities is to store emails. I use this for work many times to make a copy of an email that is searchable in Evernote. I could just search in my gmail account but I find the Evernote search much more intuitive. It is very easy to create copies of emails in your Evernote account by using the bcc field when sending an email. See below how to do it.

1. First you need to find out what your email address is, do this by going into the Evernote app and clicking on your username on the top menu as seen below, then select Account Info.


2. This will display your email address associated with your Evernote account as highlighted in the screenshot below.


3. Once you know the email address you want to configure the default notebook for storing emails. There are ways to use @Notebook name in the subject line to direct notes to the correct notebook but it is a lot easier to just set the default email notebook. Right click on the notebook you want to make your default and select Notebook Settings.


4. Once the settings come up there is an option to make the notebook your default notebook, if the options grayed out like in the screenshot then it is already setup as your default notebook.




5. Next login to to enable the auto tagging feature when emailing notes. Once logged in go to your account settings then select the Personal Settings as seen in the screenshot. There is a checkbox option to enable [Auto-filing] which will allow the use of tags in email subject lines. Be sure to enable this and save your settings as seen in the screenshot.


6. Evernote is all setup to accept emails from you to create copies of email communications. You can also use the @ sign in the subject line to store the note into one of your different notebooks if you want to get fancy or use the #tagname to add tags.

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