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Change Smart Phone, IOS or Android Visual Voicemail to YouMail

by Jon on April 30th, 2013

youmail-voicemail-mobile-phoneIf you are like me and never delete email, txt messages or anything else then chances are you like to save all your mobile phone voicemail messages too. This is a problem because mobile phone carriers are not known to hand out unlimited storage for voicemail messages. To solve this I tried using a service called YouMail which is a third-party voicemail service for mobile phones. It is a smart phone app for both IOS and Android giving users the ability to configure voicemail to email, playing custom voicemail greetings, caller id name lookup and even transcribe messages for a fee.

youmail-email-messageI have used YouMail for a couple of months and don’t know how I lived without it. The app interface is very easy to use just like visual voicemail but has the added benefit of being accessible through a website for computers. The best feature for me is the ability to forward voicemail messages right from my email account. Many times a company will call my number looking for someone else so from my email account or YouMail account I can send that message along to the correct person.

Also by having the message sent to my email account I now have a copy of that message forever granted I don’t run out of space in my gmail account. Now this is not something new Google Voice has provided these same services. Being a long time Google Voice user I believe YouMail is better in terms of providing better voicemail services since Google Voice has a lot more functionality than just voicemail.

I urge anyone looking for an alternate voicemail for their default smart phone visual voicemail try the free version of YouMail.

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