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Asterisk Voicemail to Email Play Message Wav File from Gmail

by Jon on September 26th, 2012

If you setup your Asterisk server to email your voicemail messages as I explained how to do in an earlier post asterisk voicemail to gmail and now are getting your email sent to a gmail account you will have to download the wav file to listen to your message. There is now a Chrome browser plugin that will play the messages inside the email instead of downloading the message.

Here is what a typical voicemail email looks like.

asterisk voicemail to gmail attachment

Once you have this chrome plugin installed the message will appear with a flash player.

Asterisk Voicemail Gmail Play Messages

Update: I have noticed this plugin is a little flaky and is not consistent. I like it when it works but lately the player has not showed up, to get it to work I disable the plugin restart chrome enable the plugin and restart chrome again. From the reviews it seems a lot of other people are having problems with this too.

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